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Add advice to StyleWriter 8. Add important editing advice to StyleWriter

You can add advice to StyleWriter to increase the power and accuracy of the program. The more you use StyleWriter, the more your writing and editing skills improve. Learning the main techniques of good editors makes you think like an editor and you'll soon spot other ways to improve your writing.

Add your own publishing style to StyleWriter

For example, suppose you notice you are overusing the words 'provide', 'involve' and 'undertake', you can add them to StyleWriter and ask it to pop up a window with relevant advice. It's as easy as using search and replace on your word processor.

StyleWriter searches everything you add, in addition to its 250,000 style and usage patterns and graded dictionary check every time you run the program.

Make context-sensitive exceptions

You can make context-sensitive changes to StyleWriter's advice to fine-tune it to your own writing needs.

For example, StyleWriter suggests replacing 'purchasing' with 'buying' to simplify your style. But what if your job title is 'Purchasing Manager'? You can make 'purchasing manager' an exception. Then every time StyleWriter checks a document it highlights all occurrences of 'purchasing' unless the next word is 'manager'.

Review the changes made to StyleWriter

StyleWriter records any changes you make to the program so you can review and reverse them. Most users make exceptions to — or delete — between 10 and 50 of StyleWriter's thousands of style and usage patterns. StyleWriter's Review Changed Patterns feature lets you view every change you've made. You can even reverse any change you've made.

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