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StyleWriter improves clarity and readability 4. StyleWriter improves clarity and readability

Most documents benefit from strong editing to improve clarity and readability. Many of us have poor writing habits, making our writing dull and long-winded. This makes it difficult for readers to understand our message. StyleWriter changes your habits by showing you how to edit your writing into a clear, concise and readable style. StyleWriter is the ideal writing software for anyone who needs to communicate clearly in English.

Lawyers, government officials, engineers, educators, accountants are just a few professional groups who use StyleWriter to transform their writing style. Use StyleWriter and you'll find you soon save time drafting, send more direct and easily understood documents and receive better responses from your readers.

StyleWriter encourages the clearest writing style StyleWriter encourages the clearest writing style

StyleWriter works by teaching you to write in plain English — the style underlying all great writing. Plain English is clear English. Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck are writers with a simple, clear and direct style. Time, Newsweek, Scientific America and the Washington Post — just about every successful publication — owe their popularity and readership to adopting a clear, readable style.

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Look at your writing through the editor's eyes Look at your writing through the editor's eyes

Imagine you could afford to pay an editor to improve every document you write. Send off your story manuscript, business plan, technical report or sales letter and you'd get a shorter, clearer and more effective document back. But the cost would be hundreds of dollars. With StyleWriter you can edit your own documents and save money. Sure, a professional editor would show you other ways to improve your document, but you could get most of the advice by running StyleWriter through your text.

Break your writing habits Break your writing habits

Good writing transfers ideas and information from the writer to the reader, clearly and concisely. StyleWriter encourages the clearest style so your reader concentrates and acts on your message, rather than struggling to understand what you want to say. StyleWriter helps you write in clear English. It identifies words and phrases in your writing that get in the way of clarity and poor style. StyleWriter doesn't encourage a standard style. There's plenty of room for individual style, rhetoric and imaginative writing. So let StyleWriter help you get rid of your poor writing habits, present in most writing, so you can express yourself clearly in your own words.

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gain new writing skills StyleWriter helps you gain new writing skills

StyleWriter shows you how to run the editorial pen through everything you write to make it clear, concise and readable. Why waste time drafting average documents when you can use StyleWriter to write documents that get the results that you want? StyleWriter users claim the program has led to better results when they write:
  • Sales letters bring in more business.
  • Press releases get more media coverage.
  • Readers act on your suggestions.
  • People compliment you on your style and clarity.
  • Contracts don't cause disputes because they are clear.
  • Web pages increase sales.

Good writing is easy reading that guarantees you keep your readers' attention. Writing well helps you write successfully. StyleWriter users claim the program has led to better results when they write. Use it on any document.

Edit any document StyleWriter is the most powerful way to edit any document

StyleWriter displays all your editing problems at the same time, including three key statistics and ratings and a graphic display of your style. As you begin editing, StyleWriter offers intelligent alternatives and sound advice to help you edit your document into clear and concise English. With a split screen of StyleWriter and your word processor, you can go through your document at your own pace. You can click on any style or usage problem with your mouse, or click back to your word processor to edit your text.

StyleWriter edits any document. Articles, press releases, résumés and cover letters, technical manuals, speeches, advertisements, sales letters, proposals, legal documents, corporate communications - you name it, StyleWriter can help edit it. Within seconds of launching, StyleWriter has analyzed your documents for thousands of style and English usage issues.

More powerful than your grammar checker More powerful than your grammar checker

Ten times as powerful and a hundred times more useful than the standard grammar checker in your word processor. Let's face it, we all know how poor grammar checkers are at improving writing. They assume you cannot write a sentence and constantly flag correct English as bad grammar. In a test of sentences with 25 grammatical errors, respondents spotted between 20 and 25 of the errors when they read the sentences. When Microsoft Word's grammar checker went through the same examples, it only spotted 6 out of the 25 errors.

Who Needs StyleWriter? Who Needs StyleWriter?

  • Advertisers for better ads, leaflets and press releases.
  • Editors who want to use software to develop a house style.
  • Journalists to check and polish their writing style.
  • Judges for legal briefs to be just that - brief.
  • Lawyers trying to break centuries of bad writing habits.
  • Scientists who want to write clearly about complex issues.
  • Social Scientists who want to sound human.
  • Students wanting to get A-Grade essays.
  • Technical Authors for shorter, readable documentation.
  • Writers who want guidance. (Use StyleWriter on your query letters, articles, correspondence, technical manuals, proposals, and so on.)
  • Government Agencies who need to produce grammatically-correct, error-free copy.
  • You, if you want to learn the secrets of clear, direct language.

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