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11. Unique Jargon Buster™

StyleWriter's graded dictionary offers a unique way to find jargon in your writing. StyleWriter highlights jargon phrases, difficult words, acronyms and abbreviations to help you write in a jargon-free style.

The only editing software to guarantee you write in a jargon-free style:
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Jargon Phrases
  • Difficult Words
  • Unusual Words and Unknown Words
StyleWriter uses its graded dictionary and several style categories to highlight jargon in your writing.

StyleWriter's Jargon Tool
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Most jargon consists of abbreviations and acronyms, jargon phrases and difficult words. StyleWriter comprehensively searches and highlights these problems in your writing. You can switch the Jargon Phrases, High Bog sentences, High glue sentences and Abbreviations displayed in your text on or off from StyleWriter's toolbar in the text screen.

Search for errors in your writing
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