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13. StyleWriter's Advanced Writing Statistics

Standard readability formulas are simplistic and easily fooled. They only measure sentence length and word length — usually measured by the number of characters. A conventional readability formula considers 'following', 'tomorrow' and 'Wednesday' as difficult words but 'after', 'today' and 'Monday' as easy words.

StyleWriter solves this problem by using its graded dictionary and offers meaningful statistics and ratings you can use to become a better writer.

Advanced Writing Statistics
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StyleWriter has three key scores and ratings shown at the bottom of the program's screen.
  1. The Bog Index™ - an overall score of the clarity of your style.
  2. The Average Sentence Length - an important readability measure.
  3. The Passive Index™ - a measure of the most common writing problem.
StyleWriter gives you instant, relevant analysis and scores. Most other writing aids offer you simplistic readability formulas. These measure, often inaccurately, your sentence length and a syllable count to define long words. There's more to good writing than sentence length and word length. When you edit with StyleWriter, you'll discover that the program shortens sentences and improves word choice making your writing style clear and understandable.

As you edit, StyleWriter updates the text, analysis and ratings for your document. Each time you shorten a sentence, cut a redundant phrase or simplify your word choice, StyleWriter updates the text, reanalyzes your documents and give you new scores and ratings. This real time change helps you see your writing style improve.

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