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12. New Smart-Spell™ Technology

StyleWriter's standard spellchecker has 200,000 words. It checks every word in your text to see if it is on the list. If it is not, StyleWriter highlights the possible error and looks up the correct spelling in Microsoft Word's spellchecker.

However, conventional spellchecking technology often misses many contextual spelling errors.

Here are some examples of 'words' accepted by Microsoft Word:

  • the firm's pubic image when promoting our products in the United Sates,
  • which fag to fly when the Quean opens our new offices,
  • the sprit of staff when asked to forego the end-of-season bonus, ad
  • the meeting to asses the affect of new laws on corporate disclosure.

StyleWriter also has a revolutionary Smart-Spell™ technology — a way of finding errors missed by conventional spellcheckers. The program knows each word's frequency of use and the probability of it being an error — even if spelled correctly.

StyleWriter's SmartSpell Technology
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The program's Questionable category is a filter on the main spellchecker wordlist; this feature highlights words that often fool other spelling checkers. StyleWriter's other categories of Confused Words, Misused Words, Difficult Words, Unusual Words and Miscellaneous categories also find thousands of errors missed by conventional spelling checkers.

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