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StyleWriter software -
Compatible with Windows 7 and MS-Word 2007
Compatible with Windows XP - VISTA - Windows 7
and MS-Word 2003/2007/2010
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StyleWriter System Requirements
  • 45 MB of free hard-drive space
  • StyleWriter 4 is a Win32 application and works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 in either 32-bit or 64-bit systems.
  • StyleWriter 4 works interactively with Microsoft Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003, Word 2007 and 32-bit Word 2010.
  • StyleWriter 4 is not supported for the Apple Mac, but some users have successfully run the program on this system using products such as Parallels Desktop® for Mac.

Installation and activation

Installation, either from CD or download, requires:
  • the executable file StWrIV.exe (either local or on a share),
  • data files containing the patterns (SW4xx.ptn) that find problems and messages (SW4xx.msg) that provide advice (either local or on a share),
  • Help files (SW4xx.chm) that must be on the same path as the data files,
  • a Word add-in template for calling StyleWriter from Microsoft Word (either in the user's Word\Startup folder or the Office\Startup folder),
  • optional Tutorial files, and
  • Registry entries that tell the system where to find the executable file and tell StyleWriter 4 where to find its data and Help files.
The StyleWriter 4 executable is copy protected and must be activated to run beyond its 14-day trial.


StyleWriter 4 does not make copies of documents.
StyleWriter 4 does not access the Internet.

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