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Use StyleWriter to edit and correct UNUSUAL WORDS

StyleWriter will automatically check your document for unusual words so you can avoid them or replace them.

StyleWriter's Unusual Words category highlights thousands of words likely to be outside the known vocabulary of most readers, but which are accepted by most spell-checkers.

Examples include:
  • calendaring
  • caliginous
  • derrises
  • emmer
  • galleass
  • impellor
  • lightered
Mark Twain once said:  "I never write megalopolis when I get paid the same for writing city" and it's sound editing advice.  Good style means using a vocabulary suited to your audience. 

If you want to write in a clear and readable style, omit unusual words from your writing. Your readers will thank you.

For example, you could avoid calendaring by rewriting the sentence so you don't use the noun calendar as a verb.  

Similarly, caliginous means dark, misty or gloomy—so why not use a more descriptive word that your readers will understand?

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