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StyleWriter - Software to Edit Your Legal Documents

The UK Law Society and the American Bar Association now recommend all legal writing should be in plain English. Learn to write your legal documents in clear English by using StyleWriter on your contracts, agreements and letters to your clients.

Original Legal Document - before editing with StyleWriter

Lawyers have a reputation for writing in an obscure and long winded way. Here, long sentences and convoluted style make these conditions difficult for anyone even another lawyer or judge, to understand. Use StyleWriter and you can transform any legal document.

StyleWriter Legal Writing Example - Before

Redrafted Legal Document - after editing with StyleWriter
Here's the plain English redraft of these conditions. It shows even the most obscure legal language can be clear and understandable. StyleWriter can help edit any document. Indeed, the more complex the style, the harder StyleWriter works.

StyleWriter Legal Writing Example - After

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