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StyleWriter - Software to Edit Your Business E-mails

Write e-mails you can be proud of by using StyleWriter. You can check your e-mails with StyleWriter either by setting up Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor.

Original Business E-mail - before editing with StyleWriter
E-mails are essential means of communication in the modern world. However, writing standards often slip when drafting e-mails. Although this e-mail uses short sentences and only has a few passive verbs, there are other style faults.

StyleWriter Business Email Writing Example - Before

Comprehensively checks any document for jargon. Banish corporate-speak from writing.

Redrafted Business E-mail - after editing with StyleWriter
Using StyleWriter to edit the business e-mail, the redraft is 21 words shorter and has no style faults.

StyleWriter Business Email Writing Example - After

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