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StyleWriter - Software to Edit Your Technical Documents

StyleWriter is the world's largest computerized editor. You can use it to edit any technical document to make it clear and readable. Use StyleWriter on your reports, manuals, instructions, essays and scientific documents. Here is an example of a technical report before and after editing with StyleWriter.

Original Technical Report - before editing with StyleWriter

In the original technical report, StyleWriter highlights over 20 places in one paragraph where we can edit to improve the document. The statistics and rating show the paragraph needs drastic editing.

StyleWriter Technical Report Editing Example - Before

Redrafted Technical Report - after editing with StyleWriter
Prompted by StyleWriter's editing advice, especially the need to remove passive verbs and cut the average sentence length, the redraft has no style faults, is more readable and uses half the words of the original.

StyleWriter Technical Report Editing Example - After

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