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Use StyleWriter to edit and correct JARGON PHRASES

StyleWriter will help you to avoid abstract and jargon phrases in your writing.

Most writers pick up the bad habits of the industry they work in, especially abstract phrases that may sound impressive but do little to help readers understand the message.

Here are some examples of jargon phrases:
  • business management resource
  • class inventory management system
  • convergent network solutions
  • customer interactive process
  • deployment transformation progress
  • explicitly linked program deliverables
  • geographical reference output
  • key business stakeholders
  • network infrastructure
  • operational capacity planning
  • required manual deployment
StyleWriter finds these phrases in your document by using its graded wordlist. Although the program doesn't give an alternative, once StyleWriter draws the phrase to your attention, it's usually easy to think of a simpler alternative or to break up the phrase.

Each geographical reference output is to scale.
Redraft: Each map is to scale.

Required manual deployment is necessary to release the parachute.
Redraft: Pull the ripcord to open the parachute.

Avoiding jargon and abstract phrases usually means rethinking the way you write. It means taking a different attitude and thinking and writing in a simpler, clearer style. Let StyleWriter find your jargon and abstract phrases. Then rethink your message and write it in clear English.

How StyleWriter Finds Jargon Phrases

StyleWriter's wordlist flags over 80,000 graded words and abbreviations as possible jargon. When these combine in a phrase, StyleWriter works out the jargon score for each phrase. In this way, StyleWriter can find billions of examples of jargon and corporate-speak.

If the Jargon Phrases category is on (displays a tick), StyleWriter highlights jargon phrases in your text that score above the level set (default >3).

Setting the Jargon Phrase level

You can adjust the jargon phrases highlighted by the program by changing the level. Lower the level (>2 points) to highlight more jargon phases. Raise the level (>4 points) to highlight fewer jargon phrases.

Displaying Jargon Phrases from the toolbar

You can toggle the Jargon Phrases found in the Text Screen by clicking the Show Jargon Phrases button (the bull's head) in the toolbar.

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