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Use StyleWriter to find and remove COMPLEX WORDS

Use the simpler, more familiar word whenever possible.  Simpler words make your writing easy to read.  Using simpler words will help to make your meaning clear so your readers can concentrate on the message.

For example:

Please Endeavour to ascertain the truth.

Please try to find out the truth.

Additional assistance is required to promote the company.

More help is needed to promote the company.

Sometimes you’ll find the simpler word suggested by StyleWriter doesn’t fit your context.  However, you can usually remove or simplify most complex words StyleWriter finds in your writing.

Use the complex word only when you need its precise meaning or when no simpler word fits.

Substitute the simpler and more familiar word whenever possible.

StyleWriter's Complex Words Category
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StyleWriter will find and correct complex words. By default, StyleWriter's "Complex Words" category is selected. In this screenshot, StyleWriter has detected a total of 45 complex words in this document.

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