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Use StyleWriter to identify and highlight QUESTIONABLE WORDS

StyleWriter will highlight questionable or suspicious words overlooked by your spellchecker.

Standard spellcheckers are plagued with several thousand suspicious words that professional editors routinely identify in documents.

Here are a few instances of words recognized by Microsoft Word.

1. The sae alternative is to tae only the pills suggested b your physician.
2. Yu must also get sufficient ret and dink fluids to rehydrate your body.
3. You may have tines when you should return to your physician if nether the medications nor rest alleviate the illness.
4. Kindly review the brochure, created to provide the pubic additional suggestions on addressing your illness with clinical dugs.

StyleWriter highlights the problematic words, giving the following meanings:
Questionable: sae—Did you mean: safe, sale, same, sage, sake, stamped-addressed envelope?
Questionable: tae—Did you mean: take, tale, tame, tape, tare?
Questionable: b—Did you mean: be, by, b., B, B.?
Questionable: Yu—Surname. Did you mean You?
Questionable: ret—Did you mean: rest, rent, retired?
Questionable: dink—Did you mean: drink?
Questionable: tines—Prong or hole. Did you mean: times.
Questionable: nether—Did you mean: neither?
Questionable: pubic—Did you mean: public?
Questionable: dugs—Did you mean: drugs?

Tip: The Confused Common category features a detailed checklist of words that can trick a spellchecker. For instance, typing moth instead of month or mouth or tanks instead of thanks.

To have StyleWriter check your document for confused and questionable words, you can switch on the Confused Common category.

StyleWriter's Questionable Words Style Checker
StyleWriter lets you select categories to identify confused and misused words in your document.

Questionable Spellings
Common spellcheckers overlook and ignore many questionable words. For example, Microsoft Word accepts:
  • inbreeded.
  • inlayed.
  • outspreaded.
StyleWriter offers the advice shown to correct these dubious spellings.

Strange Words
StyleWriter's spellchecker wordlist specifically excludes words (or highlights them as suspect) if they are so rare that readers are unlikely to have seen them before.

For example:
  • braxiest.
  • bugrake.
  • clapmatches.
  • dreggier.
  • kormaed.
Professional editors refrain from such words, even if the spelling is correct.

Favored Spelling
The English language has lots of spelling alternatives. Which of the following variations should you use?
  • adviser or advisor.
  • basketsful or basketfuls.
  • benefited or benefitted.
  • connexion or connection.
  • dominos or dominoes.
  • embargos or embargoes.
  • faceted or facetted.
  • focused or focussed.
  • movable or moveable.
StyleWriter offers comprehensive and dependable advice on thousands of words where you will encounter different spelling alternatives.

Other Questionable Words
StyleWriter also identifies and highlights racist words, vulgar words, and slang words so you can avoid them in your document.

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