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Help Me Write a Better Press Release

Help Me Write a Better Press Release
Writing a press release is no easy task, especially if you aren't a journalist. However, it's worthwhile to educate yourself about writing a readable press release. A solid one will entice the public to learn more about your organization. Below are a few hints to help your press release achieve its potential.

1) Give Your Facts Some Panache

A fact can be difficult to understand without context. Therefore, include some detail about why your fact is in your press release.

For example, if your press release is about your quarterly profits, don't just put: "The company's profits were $165,000 last quarter." Instead, give your readers an idea of how big of a change that is. Try writing, "The company's profits were $165,000 last quarter, a strong 27% increase from the previous quarter." Provide some context for readers so that they can understand the relevance of your facts.

When writing the facts into your press release, also try using language that has an emotional connotation. "Feeling words" involve your audience more personally and encourage them to keep reading. Using the above example, try writing, "Our executive is proud to announce a 27% increase in profits from the previous quarter." The word "proud" conveys a stronger message than the facts alone; it tells your readers that you have really accomplished something substantial.

2) Use Quotations

Your audience will identify more with your press release if they can mentally attach a personality to it. If you can, include some interesting quotations that apply to your facts. For example, if your organization held a press conference, consider pulling some key phrases from the speaker's address.

Using the same example we used previously, let's assume that your company's president released a statement saying, "I am excited about our company's future and confident our profits will continue to rise." Such a dynamic, captivating statement should be added to your press release so that your readers can benefit from the impact of the message, as well.

3) Keep Your English Simple

Many different kinds of people will likely read your press release. Therefore, use straightforward English to keep the broadest audience engaged. Of course, it will be necessary sometimes to use more technical language to explain the details of your press release – that's not a problem. Just make sure you use everyday words whenever you can.

4) Sell Your Organization

Often, a press release is also an advertisement for your company. Keep this mind when you're choosing the words that will represent your organization to the public. There are lots of great things about your business that you can include strategically within the text of your press release.

For example, if your company has won a prestigious award, try writing something like: "Company ABC, the 2005 Garrison Award winner, is pleased to announce the acquisition of XYZ Inc." If your organization is involved in charity work, you could write: "In addition to shareholder payouts, Company ABC also devotes resources to Children International and Animal Rights causes."

Choose to view your press release as an opportunity to educate the public about your organization. Make the facts compelling and don't be afraid to really make your company shine. Your readers will get the most out of a press release that has a bit of character.

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